Elder Bairn



Personal Status


The spider is the Elder bairn that attacks and kills off most of Saya's Class.


The Spider has purple skin and six yellow/gold eyes, and twenty legs (in total) each with sharp ends, it has a long white tongue and large mouth, and has several white straight blunt teeth.


It is capable of swallowing people whole, and easily impales them via its legs. It can move extremely fast and is very deadly. It appears to have some sort of pattern around it's lips and has pink circles on the joints of its many legs. The Spider was also one of many Elder Bairns that could speak the words of man.


The Spider Elder Bairn is perhaps the most gruesome Elder Bairn shown. It makes its debut at the end of Episode 8 outside of the school. Saya is confused that an Elder Bairn has shown, the Spider then attacks and kills several of her classmates. She then reveals her identity in hope to protect them but ironically it kills almost everyone except Tokizane (who was never actually present) and Itsuki. It is eventually killed by Saya shortly after it killed her friend Yūka. It is killed after having its tongue sliced in half by Saya and having all but three of its many legs removed before Saya repeatedly stabs and slashes its head, eviscerating its entire body in a rage. Finally, the creature dies. This Elder Bairn is one of the few to speak, it was confused when she was crying, asking why she was crying. When she reveals that they were her friends he expressed confusion at the concept, and continued his rampage. Another character to not actually be killed by the Spider was Kanako who (like Tokizane) was never present and only arrived after the massacre.