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The Skeleton is an Elder Bairn fought by Saya Kisaragi after her battle with the Spider.


The creature is a woman's head and spine that veils itself in a robe of black hair that she has absolute control over. Her eyes are vibrant, contrasting to her porcelain skin and spine.


Capable of dodging almost all of Saya's attacks entirely, the Skeleton possesses incredible speed. She veils herself, seemingly habitually, in her hair to make it appear that she is a woman with a robe rather than what she truly is. She has incredible control over her hair, able to block Saya's sword with shard extensions of it, reform it back towards herself if it is separated from her, and form it up into a gyrating saw-blade of hair that surrounds her head and is capable of slicing through and damaging all it touches. She is capable of consuming someone very quickly by fully enveloping them in her hair, similar to how Shadow did it. She is also notable in that she can speak, and talks to Saya quite a lot about various subjects, such as how they are not so different, and how Saya is not like the humans (or 'pact-breakers' as she calls them) and yet defends them so fervently. She constantly peppers Saya with comments about how she must be hungry and that she needs to feed just like the Bairns.


The Skeleton attacks Saya shortly after she asked her father why she can't remember her mothers name. The Skeleton appears as a women standing in a cloak, however, it is revealed that the cloak is actually her highly controllable hair, and that the only thing underneath is a spinal column attached to a head. The skeleton attacks Saya and the two fight for quite some time. It becomes apparent that, to kill the Skeleton, the spinal column or the head must be harmed - if any of the hair is cut off, it will simply return to the rest of the whole. Near the end of the fight,

Skeleton 2

The Skeleton is cut in two

Shinichirou Tokizane charges up the stairs to the shrine, yelling about how he heard fighting. The Skeleton, expressing starvation, leaps onto him and devours him in mere moments, interrupted too late by Saya. After "eating" Tokizane, the Skeleton remarks that she no longer cares about the taste of her food and simply wants to eat, and that she is starving. She then taunts Saya by saying she must be starving from not eating for so long. After witnessing death of Tokizane, Saya becomes enraged and moves too fast for the Skeleton to react. She cuts the Skeleton completely in two, and blood pours from both halves of the head and spine, the gray matter within revealed.