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Ayako Kawasumi

The Monk was one of the Elder Bairns fought by Saya Kisaragi.


This Eldar Bairn commonly known as the Monk is seemingly an ordinary monk wearing a straw hat with a long, obscuring veil, but upon removing her hat it is shown to have a gigantic eyeball as a head, with a neck of vein-cords descending into the neckline of her robe.


The creature is able to control mist, and uses it to her advantage in her fight against Saya. She is one of the most powerful of the Elder Bairns shown as she can fight Saya for an extended period of time, matching her well. She fights through using a fog to deceive her opponent's senses, along with cables to manipulate her opponent's weapon movements. She is a proficient fighter with her staff. During their fight, Saya was forced to use her non-visual senses to locate the fearsome fighter, whose staff had rings that chimed in the fog, hinting at her position. This is one of the few Eldar Bairns (so far shown) that is unable to eat humans, as it does not have a mouth. She is also one of the few Elder Bairns to talk, she informs Saya that she is here to avenge the others who Saya killed in the episodes prior.


She attacked Saya in a park - with a sudden onset of mist, the assault began. She conversed and fought with Saya for a long period, with her easily physically overwhelming the girl due to the mist advantage and by wrapping her sword in cables. At one point, a woman entered the fray, being attacked by strange fairy Elder Bairns. Saya killed the fairies and Saya desperately protected her but the woman was terrified of her being covered in blood. Finally, Saya realised that the key to defeating the Monk was to rid the area of mist. Swinging her sword, Saya banished the mist and then charged the Monk, plunging her hand straight into the pupil, abandoning her wrapped up sword. Upon death, her entire body dissolved into gore rather than remaining whole like the others.