Elder Bairn

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The Centipede was one of the Elder Bairns fought by Saya Kisaragi.


The creature is a large insectoid monster with a blue carapace and many brown, sharp legs. It is centaur-like, with a strange torso perpendicular to its long and segmented body, as well as two large humanoid arms extending from it. Two long prehensile antenna-like tendrils flick about as, potentially, some method of sensory detection from the top of the torso - since the creature lacks obvious eyes, it would seem that these antennae are its main sense that it uses to detect its surrounds. The torso is covered in thick carapace plates that enshrine an enormous leech-like mouth lined with rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth that it brings out to consume its prey.


The Centipede is physical, very powerful, but notably not all that fast. It is capable of surprisingly agile maneuvers considering its odd bulk, able to reach the tucked-away room that Nene and Saya flee to in order to escape it, and so that Saya can get her sword. Not only that, but it is able to smash open the door and eat Nene's head all in one instant. It is capable of burrowing, to some extent, as it bursts surprisingly from the ground behind Nene when it makes its entrance. Not notably good at fighting Saya, it fell to her first attack after she retrieved her sword. The antennae of the Centipede can also act as piercing weapons, becoming rigid and able to easily puncture flesh.


It appears suddenly and unexpectedly behind Nene at Saya's shrine, prompted by Nene commenting on how "if something bad were to happen, it would happen now, knowing my luck". It burst from the ground, having burrowed through the earth to reach them. It then hesitantly, broken up by pauses and by Saya interfering, attempted to consume Nene relentlessly with its revealed maw. Saya had been cleaning when the girl came to visit and was caught utterly by surprise - her sword lay inside the shrine itself and she could not effectively fight the creature without it. With Nene screaming and running, and the Centipede in hot pursuit, Saya did what she could to delay and prevent the creature from killing its quarry. She managed to get Nene up into the shrine and moved to collect her sword but, by the time she had retrieved it, the creature had smashed open the door to the shrine and consumed Nene's head whole. It munched away contentedly as Saya charged it, killing it with two pin-point stabs, between the antennae and then through the mouth.