Bunny beast

Elder Bairn

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Episode 12

The Bunny is the last of the Elder Bairns to appear in the series.


The Bunny Elder Bairn demonstrates a sadistic obsession with torturing and killing people using the transformations of its limbs. These transformations, like morphing the living matter of their limbs(specifically arms, in this case) into propelled razors, bludgeons, turning their fingers into sharp points, turning joints and shoulders into sacks with which to contain their struggling human victims as they tear them into bloody, gorey smoothies.They do, again, appear to have quite the affection for shish-kabob-ing the humans they capture, scarfing them down in masses. They are so far the most cruel and manipulative of the Elder Bairn encountered by the resistance forces.


They have white skin, and are very tall. They appear to have small gold eyes. They have bunny like ears, small tails, and long claws, they have red stripes across their bodies and can transform their limbs, i.e turning their shoulders into sacks or turning hands into makeshift meat processors. They can also divide upon either being cut in half or by free will. Despite being able to transform their limbs they can easily be destroyed/dismembered. They are extremely fast and can easily destroy/kill/devour their victims.(mostly human)



Episode 12

After Cerberus and Todayashi are defeated it is released by Fumito after destroying a talisman. It confronts Saya only to then be sliced in half vertically after she leaves the Bunny then regenerates and multiplies itself. Upon leaving the shrine the two elder bairns then divide into six and begin their onslaught by eating everyone in the town. They are responsible for devouring and killing the entire population of the town and they are only destroyed completely when Saya removes the head of the original. Soon after removing it's head Saya completely destroys it, and after all of the copies are eradicated as well.